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Administer A California Estate With Confidence

The job of an executor (personal representative) or trustee is an honor for many people to carry out. Administering your deceased loved one’s estate is a privilege and a solemn duty. To protect yourself legally and facilitate timely completion of the necessary tasks, turn to a knowledgeable estate administration attorney.

At Pinney, Caldwell & Pace, we are two well-prepared, empathetic lawyers who are committed to providing top-quality estate administration services. With more than 50 combined years of experience, we confidently guide executors and trustees through their responsibilities in a timely manner.

Examples Of Estate Administrative Tasks That We Help With

As experienced estate planning attorneys, we assist many individuals and couples who need to create or update wills, trusts and powers of attorney.  When we counsel people who must administer deceased family members’ or friends’ estates, we first establish clear communication. We sit down with our clients to discuss the legal processes in front of them. As needed, we represent our clients when will contests or other types of estate litigation arise.

As a team with more than 50 combined years of experience, we work skillfully to ensure that our clients can accurately complete tasks including the following:

  • Identifying and safely storing all assets until it is time to distribute them
  • Notifying and paying creditors
  • Filing final tax returns and paying all required taxes from funds in the estate
  • Advising trustees on how to distribute assets according to the terms of the trust(s)
  • Completing all necessary tasks, which are often complex, of wrapping up an estate
  • Keeping beneficiaries updated about the process
  • Fulfilling fiduciary duties as an executor or trustee
  • Filing a will with the probate court and paying necessary fees
  • Carrying out the decedent’s expressed wishes regarding the distribution of assets, funeral and burial, care of pets and other details
  • Managing real estate, bank accounts, other financial accounts, personal property, debts, life insurance and other assets
  • Filing a petition with the probate court to close the estate when all assets have been distributed

Let Us Help You Through The Challenging But Rewarding Estate Administration Processes

The road ahead may seem daunting when you are the one in charge of administering an estate, but we are capable guides. You will be in good hands with Pinney, Caldwell & Pace as your estate administration law firm in El Centro, California.

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